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Một tỷ đô là mấy đồng?


Thời xưa, nước Tiệp Khắc thiên đường đã có một Công ty và nay có tên là SKEX.
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ŠKODAEXPORT was founded in 1966 as a foreign trade corporation, part of the then state monopoly. It became an exclusive importer and exporter of investment projects, machinery and equipment for the power, metallurgical and mechanical engineering sectors, as well as of electric locomotives, trolleybuses and machinery for the tobacco industry and equipment for schools end education. 

After 1990, when the state’s foreign trade monopoly was abolished, ŠKODAEXPORT was transformed into a joint-stock company. Its founding shareholders were major Czech and Slovak engineering companies, manufacturers and contractors. 

During the 1990s, the Company retained its position in its traditional sectors and expanded its activities to include new products, e.g. ecological equipment and pipelines and equipment for the storage of oil products.

In the second half of the 1990s, its share capital was gradually concentrated. In 2001–2002, vital negotiations for the Company were held and decisions adopted which led to its major financial restructuring, to balancing of its own resources and loans and to the majority holding of the Czech state represented by the Czech Ministry of Finance. This process went to its end in the year 2003. 

During its existence, ŠKODAEXPORT has achieved major successes and become known in the business sphere as a reliable and solid partner. A number of references in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia where ŠKODAEXPORT won many contracts, especially for the supply of power engineering, mechanical engineering and metallurgical equipment, and vehicles, demonstrate the Company‘s strength in project management and contracting.

All import and export activities of the Company were always realized successfully in the cooperation with the Czech and Slovak manufacturers and engineering companies, as well as in the cooperation with other world known manufacturers of individual equipment. Company has a wide world net of its subsidiaries and representatives or partners in individual territories.
 Thế mạnh của SKEX là đây: 
Thermal Power Plants
 Thermal power plants are one of the pillars of the activities of the Company as you can see from the following list of the projects. Due to the still decreasing amount of fossil fuels, SKEX a.s. is interested in a new alternative sources of combustion, as for example biomass, and tries to promote them in its projects.
 The Company SKEX a.s., since the time of establishment of former SKODAEXPORT, participated in the construction of thermal power generation units of about 20 thousand MW of the total installed capacity.  The Company’s projects for thermal power plants were delivered for 29 countries all over the world. The biggest customers are especially:  China (3130 MW); Egypt (1718 MW); Romania (2790 MW); Turkey (990 MW); Brazil (733 MW); Bulgaria (730 MW); Finland (616 MW); U.A.E. (690 MW); India (340 MW), Pakistan (220 MW), etc.
 Besides of the construction of power plants, SKEX a.s. participated also in overhaul, reconstruction, modernization, inspection, spare parts supply for about 4100 MW TPP of the total installed capacity.
Và những Dự án tầm cỡ thế giới:
Hydroelectric Power Plants

KUNDAH 1 x 30 MW, India
In the year 1995, the Company concluded the contract for modernization, spare parts delivery and repair of existing parts of hydroelectric plant Kundah. Kundah is the biggest hydroelectric power plant in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is the first big cascade type power plant. It has a Francis turbine and uses the water from Bavani river. The trial run test after modernization was made in the year 2003.

AWASH 4 x 16 MW,  Ethiopia
Modernization and reconstruction of Awash II + III. The project was finalized in the year 1999 – 2000.
Awash III - repair of the generator, including start-up operations. The repair was carried out in 1993.

TILLARI 1 x 62.5 MW, India
Refurbishment and upgrading to 68 MW. Completed and put into service in 2001.

MANGLA 2x103 MW hydroelectric power station units No. 9 and 10, Pakistan
Turn-key supply of a power station with Francis turbines, the Company was the main contractor. The power plant came into service in 1993-94.

Năm ngoái, SKEX tham dự Hội chợ rất hoành tráng ở Hà Nội.

The delegation of SKEX a.s. in Hanoi
The delegation of SKEX a.s. took part in the International Industrial Fair in Hanoi. 17.10 – 21.10.2012

VIFF is one of the biggest industrial fairs in Vietnam. It creates the space for commerce, supports investments and trading between Vietnam and other countries around the world, especially in the industrial sector.

The five days event attracted many foreign companies from China, Korea, Thailand, Russia and, of course, from the Czech Republic. 200 booths covered the area of 2000m2.

Our company was a part of the Czech representation of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Our booth had a prominent place in front of the entrance and next to the booth of Petrovietnam – the most important participant of the fair.

During the fair the Agreement about the Future Agreement for the supply of the small hydro power plant and technological and civil part, was signed. 

Kính mong Quý vị quan tâm và có ý tưởng mần điện ưu tiên xem xét.

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