Sunday, May 19, 2013

Love and Save Mother Earth, Love and Save Mother Nature, Love and Save Forest, Love and Save Cat Tien.

What we (SCT Group) aspire to do for Mother Earth:

1. Carpool to work or use mass transit.
2. Purchase energy credits to compensate for travel.
3. Have a car-free day once a month.
4. Use stairs, not elevators.
5. Have an electricity-free day once a week (no light, no water heater, no PC).
6. Support farmers and reduce food-miles by buying local produce.
7. Grow produce at home.
8. Not use pesticides or herbicides.
9. Purchase 50% percent organic food.
10. Avoid purchasing disposable items with lots of packaging.
11. Replace paper napkins, towels and plates with reusable equivalents.
12. Use the library instead of buying books, as much as possible.
13. Compost kitchen waste.
14. Encourage office/school to recycle.
15. Share magazines and catalogs by donating them to clinics, etc.
16. Reuse and recycle all items possible.
17. Buy clothing in used clothing/thrift shops.
18. Plant native and drought-tolerant plants where applicable.
19. Turn off computers while not in use.
20. Install a power strip for appliances to avoid drawing ghost electricity.
21. Set computer and display to turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity.
22. Re-use gray water.
23. Flush only when necessary.
24. Pick up trash along walking/jogging route.
25. Encourage a friend to commit to items on this list.
26. Write articles/stories to help others get in touch with their ecosystem.
27. Meditate once a week on my relationship to the ecosystem in which I live.
28. Meditate once a week on how I can reduce my consumption, and act on this.
29. Write to local and national politicians calling for more effective environmental legislation.
30. Support local environmental organizations.
31. Reduce use of hot water by only using level 0-1-2 over 3 levels of the heater.

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